God gave me an ability to see things in a unique way. People usually feel good looking at my photos. Perhaps I can help you create some memorable images!


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I didn’t start out to be a photographer!

Greg on the streetBack in high school I thought I’d be a scientist, like Mr. Wizard, or a musician like Jascha Heifitz. But when the yearbook photographers (my good buddies) were selected to be yell leaders, I was drafted to shoot the Friday night football games.

That was OK with me. I felt important roaming the sidelines, twin-lens reflex in hand. One chilly night at a game, I met a photographer for the Pomona Progress-Bulletin. When it dawned on me that he was getting paid just for taking pictures, a light went on in my head. What a life! It was so much easier than science or music, and it put me in the center of the action. The attention I got from pretty girls wasn’t bad, either.

That was a turning point for me. Although I still love music (I’m an amateur violinist and wannabe saxophonist), and I still respect science (how do those microwave ovens work?), I’ve followed the path of the silver lens over the past 35 years and never regretted it.

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